Welcome to the Low Emission Zone Penalty Charge Notice website for all you the motorist need to know about the Low Emission Zone as it currently applies.

The  stated objective of the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is to improve air quality in London.

It is administered by Transport for London ("TFL") who also administer the London Congestion Charge.

The reason for the zone is to try and rdeuce the polution levels in London.  It is said that London has the worst air pollution in the United Kingdom and amongst the worst in Europe, adversely affecting the health and quality of life of many Londoners.  There has, for example, been a marked increase in people who had developed asthma in recent years.

As part of his functons The Mayor of London has a legal obligation to implement procedures and initiatives towards meeting various national and European Union air quality objectives which are designed to protect people's health.

Poor air quality is the primary causes of air quality related medical problems.  Accordinging to TFL road transport is the single biggest source of Particulate Matter (PM10) and oxides of Nitrogen(NOX).

The LEZ's aim isto reduce traffic pollution by "deterring" those vehicle which have the engines which generate the most pollution from driving in London .

There are strict requirement which vehicle owners must adhere to.  Failure to do may give rise to TFL issuing the vehicle owner with a Penalty Charge Notice ("PCN")!


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